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A number of cars use cambelts rather than timing chains to drive their camshafts and these should be replaced at various intervals. If a cambelt breaks, it usually causes extensive engine damage which can be time consuming and costly to repair. If you are not sure when your vehicle is due for a cam belt replacement please call for advice .


Most manufactures recommend changing brake fluid at 2 year intervals, this is because brake fluid will absorb moisture from the air. The water in the fluid causes it to boil at a lower temperature. How does it get that hot? Take a look at F1 racing, you can quite often see the brake discs glowing. Your disc may not get that hot but can become quite close during high speed braking. If your fluid boiling point is low it may cause brake fade or in some cases brake failure. We will test your brake fluid for free, if it boils at 169c or lower - then we recommend you have it changed (Dot 4 )


With the ever increasing efficiency of braking systems and harder materials being used in the construction of brake pads, it is now quite common for brake discs to wear at the same rate as your brake pads. If you do a lot of motorway driving with high speed stop starts then disc changes may be required at 30,000 miles. Under normal driving conditions discs will probably last up to 60,000 miles. As a brake fitting specialist, we ensure your vehicle is always fitted with the highest quality braking components.

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